Different Kinds of Bongs

Different Kinds of Bongs

Different Kinds of Bongs - Manda Schoonover

Bongs or water pipes are one of the most popular and trending way to smoke cannabis flower. They were discovered during the Vietnam War by American Soldiers. 

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, a classic straight, a modern angled, and many people and companies are now making custom pieces. Straight tubbed bongs are a classic and more popular choice among smokers. Although most tokers are turning toward custom bongs and water pipes. It allows them to add their personality to their cannabis experience. 


With three different bong sizes, there is sure to be one to fit your lifestyle. Small bongs are usually no larger than 8 inches, with mediums being as large as 14 inches. Anything bigger than that is considered a large bong. They can be made out of glass, plastic, and even silicone. 


Bongs can also have percolators, or percs that can offer a much smoother smoke session. Some bongs have them built in and some are extras you can add on to your down steam. Different down steams can effect your smoke seen as well. You can get a classic regular down steams, diffuse down steam, or you can go steam less. 

Bowl Size

There are three different bowl sizes associated with bongs. Small 10mm, medium 14mm, and the large 19mm. The fitting of the bowl into the down steam is crucial for a smooth and full hit. 
Hopefully this information helps you choose the perfect bong for your lifestyle. Being comfortable plays a large part in enjoying thr cannabis experience. 
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