How to Clean Your Bong

How to Clean Your Bong

How to Clean Your Bong - Amanda Schoonover

Even if you change the water in your bong every day, your bong is going to get dirty. Cleaning a bong can be easy. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and large grain salt, however you can also grab some cleaning products.  Large grain salt that won't dissolve in alcohol, this allows you to "scrub" the inside of your bong. The alcohol will wash away the residue and remove the smell.

Step By Step

  1. Separate all of the pieces of your bong while cleaning. Do not to dump water out the mouthpiece, this brings residue up to the top. It won't taste good later. 
  2. Put the bowl and down steam into small plastic bags and fill with large grain salt and rubbing alcohol. Put enough alcohol in to completely cover each piece, then set them aside to soak. Letting them soak a little bit will loosen up the resin.
  3. Put two tablespoons of large grain salt into the chamber of the bong. Add 1/2 a cup of rubbing alcohol. Cover up the top the mouth piece with one hand and another to cover the hole for the downstem. Shake lightly and rinse it out. 
  4. Now shake the bags that have the down steam and bowl in them. Make sure you used two separate bags for them, as the shaking can cause them to damage. Wipe away any remaining residue with q-tips and rinse everything with hot water. 
  5. You will see that is much easier and faster to spend 5 minutes lightly cleaning, than an hour trying to remove large pieces of residue. Do a simple salt scrub every few weeks and you'll be a happy owner of a nice clean bong for many more years to come.
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