How to Get Baked

How to Get Baked

How to Get Baked - By Manda Schoonover

  1. Fill the bong with water until it covers the downstem.

  • The water should ALWAYS be high than the downstem. Try to get the water between 1” above the end of the downstem. Fill any percolator with enough water to cover any air holes.
  1. Make sure you remove the bowl from the bong to pack it.

  • This is so that you don’t accidentally knock over the entire bong while packing. Loosely pack the bowl, do not over pack. Make sure you also have a screen, this will help prevent any bud from sucking into the downstem and being ruined by the water
  • Fit the downstem back into the bong snugly, don’t cram it.

  • Take a hit! Hold the bong with your non-dominant hand, usually around the neck. Or you can set the bottom on your lap or any flat surface. Practice good bong etiquette by wiping your mouth, drying your lips and placing your lips inside the mouthpiece. Strike the lighter to the edge of the bowl while also inhaling. As you inhale you will ‘pull’ the flame into the bowl, igniting your herb.  If you don’t want to inhale the fumes of the lighter, a hemp wick is an organic alternative.
  • Don’t hold the lighter over the bowl for too long. You want to remove it once the bowl has caught, but keep inhaling.

  • Once its lit, it will start glowing and the chamber will fill with smoke. You don’t want to be inhaling the smoke at this moment, but more gathering it with a controlled inhale. Try not to drool into the bong. It's easy to do while you are inhaling.
  • Now is the time to inhale the smoke with a big, deep breath while also removing the bowl.

  • Use the hand you lit the bowl with to pull it out and take a quick large breath to inhale all the smoke in the chamber. Many newbies have a hard time knowing how much air they have left for this final inhale. If you are unsure, remove the bowl after the chamber as filled up with smoke, but before the smoke gets into the neck.
  • Exhale right away.

  • Most of the good stuff is absorbed right away, so holding a hit in really has no benefit. Make sure you clear the chamber of any leftover smoke. After your hit, make sure you wipe off the mouthpiece, especially if you are among friends.

Also, keep an eye on your watercolor. You will want to change the water when it becomes discolored. Try quickly rinsing it out every 7-10 hits, the sooner the better for taste and cleaner smoke. It also makes the bong easier to clean later on.

So now that you know how your bong works and you've hopefully already taken your first hit, you can enjoy your bong on a daily basis.

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