How to Make Your Own Rosin Dabs

How to Make Your Own Rosin Dabs

How to Make Your Own Rosin Dabs - Manda Schoonover

Rosin is making big waves in the extract community. It beats hydrocarbon extraction in flavor, effect, and potency. And is also free of residual solvents.

You can create your own rosin at home safely and inexpensively. With a high straightener, unbleached parchment paper, and collection tools, you can turn any cannabis flower, kief, or bubble hash into your own personal dabs. 

3 Simple Steps

  1. Get a hair straightener with a setting of around 300 degrees. Cut a 5x5 piece of unbleached parchment paper and fold it in half. Put your flower, hash or kief in between the parchment and put onto the open hair straightener. Line it up so the material is directly in between the two irons. Apply a good pressure for about 4-8 seconds or unlit you hear a sizzle, then remove the pressure. 
  2. Take the unbleached parchment paper off the irons and onto a counter or table top. Open parchment paper, take away the used smashed product, and grab your collection tool. Using a clean tool, pick out any excess material. Flatten the rosin to your preference. 
  3. You can put the parchment in the fridge to make the rosin more stable to work with. Now enjoy your fresh fat dab!  
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