How Your Smoke Shop Should Look


How Your Smoke Shop Should Look by Alexandra Solis

Appearance does matter.

To quote the infamous Judy Sheindlin, aka Judge Judy, “Keep it simple stupid”. When it comes to your smoke shop it can be very easy to overthink and overanalyze the layout. Sometimes more is more and less is less. You have to find the perfect “just right”. I am going to explain the difference between too much going on in a smoke shop and not enough. Having a properly balanced smoke shop can be the difference between more customers or more accidents from knocking over products.

Too Much/ Too Little

When it comes to too much and too little there are some basic areas that need to be focused on:

  1. Interior Design
  2. Organization
  3. Product Placement

Interior Design

Interior design is the step before organization and product placement are brought together. The first thing you want to do when creating a floor plan for your shop is making sure it follows your state and county fire safety laws. Once you know how much room to leave for exits and walkways then it will be easier for you to design. Keep in mind Judge Judy’s quote, “keep it simple stupid”. You don’t want to be overflowing your shop with too many displays that it gets hard to either walk around or even look at products. At the same time you don’t want to have just one display. One way of organizing would be having displays on the perimeter of your shop, give yourself enough room to walk behind the displays and grab products your customer wants. You can also add a nice display in the centre of you shop, if there is room to add it. You can use that display for discounted items or sales. You want the design of your shop to help make it easier in organizing and placing your products.


Would you walk into a shop that is a mess? No. Would you walk into a shop that looks empty? Still no. Organization is not limited to placing products neatly on displays or having all the lighters lined up with one another. Organization involves having designated, easily viewable, areas where certain products are placed, an area for the register, cleaned counters, and having no clutter such as trash or loose products on the floors. You and your customer should be able to easily move from one spot of the shop to another without it feeling like you are stuck in a maze. On the other hand your customer should not feel like they are walking through a ghost town with only a few products to view. Although, if you are just starting your shop and only have limited products, then organize them in such a way that can fill up the room. Place them next to decorations or add labels to fill up empty space. The most important fact to remember with organization is making sure there is a purpose to where you have all your items, not just products.

Product Placement

Your products should not just be thrown on shelves or displays. They should not just be put in a spot that they fit. One way of having great product placement, for example, would be that if you have more than one of the same type of bong, then you might want to only put one on display and keep the rest safe in the back. When a customer asks to buy the certain bong it will be much more appealing for you to bring out a fresh, untouched, clean bong. Another way would be the squint test. Let’s say you have a certain brand of cigars you want to sell quicker than the rest. Look at where you have the cigars placed and squint. Do they stand out? Or do they just blend in with the background? If they blend in then how can you make them stand out? Such ways could be:

  • Placing the product on an elevated display
  • Adding a colorful background to contrast the product and make it pop
  • Give it it’s own display case

Be careful to not over clutter your displays. You want to have just enough product that the customer is able to view it’s detail. Too much clutter can make a customer dizzy and not want to view the products anymore. As well as having too many products on display can take away attention from other products you might want to sell quicker.

Finding the Balance

The key things to remember when deciding how your smoke shop should look are:

  1. Don’t try and overflow with displays
  2. Make sure everything is in its place for a purpose
  3. Don’t have an empty shop

Good luck!

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