Popular Smoke Shop Products


Popular Smoke Shop Products by Alexandra Solis

The in store must haves.

These products are going to be the driving force of your shop. With constant demand, these items are the best to keep in mind when deciding as to what products you should have in store. Listed in no particular order, every product should be seen as a main priority.

  • Grinders

Pretty much everyone uses grinders. There are different styles of grinders that one can choose from. Whether it be a tobacco smoker or a marijuana smoker, grinders easily play a large role in the smoking process.

  • Nug Jugs/ Stash Cans

With different sizes, stash cans and nug jugs will help preserve the freshness of the products being grinded. Nug jugs are one of the main essentials needed for a daily smoker.

  • Weighing Scales

Although some people already order their herb of choice knowing how many grams they will be ordering, others prefer weighing out their options. Weighing scales come in handy to those who own dispensaries or are just super picky and want an exact amount.

  • Hookahs

Found at some local liquor stores, hookahs are commonly used to smoke flavored tobacco. They have become increasingly popular to smoke in social areas, like designated bars, and in groups at a time.

  • E - Cigs

Most commonly used in people who want to stop smoking as an alternative to cigarettes. E-cigs can come in a variety of different flavors and some can also be customizable to give the customer the best experience.

  • CBD E Juice

More and more marijuana becomes more popular. But not just the flower itself, the cannabinoids have become increasingly popular due to their fast acting benefits.

  • Dab Rig

Dab rigs are one of the most popular devices used to smoke marijuana concentrates. The main difference between a rig and a regular bong is that the dab rig must be heated, commonly done with a torch, on the nail to smoke the concentrated oils.

  • Rolling Papers

For those that either cannot afford to buy bongs, pipes or just prefer to be a little old fashioned chose to buy rolling papers. They are easy to use and very portable. Rolling papers are the perfect go-to for travelers.

  • Pipes

Pipes come in multiple sizes and designs. Some can be as small as a few inches while others can be larger than your hand. Pipes can be made of different types of materials as well as used to smoke tobacco and/or cannabis. Pipes also have a small hole on the side where you plug with your finger to direct the smoke towards your mouth. Pipes are the perfect product for someone on the go that doesn’t want to use rolling papers.

  • Bubblers

Imagine a mini bong. Many bubblers have a small chamber that can be filled with water to filter the smoke. Bubblers do not have a removable bowl like bongs rather they have a small hole to plug with your finger just like pipes. Bubblers are more convenient for someone who like the smoke of a bong but don’t want the hassle of carrying a large object. They are the perfect inbetween of a pipe and bong.

  • Bongs

Everyone's favorite. They come in an incredible variety. Whether it is the color, design or even size there are thousands of different bongs. Most commonly used to smoke marijuana bongs have become a household staple for the common smoker.

Products like these will make the daily sales and keep your business happy.

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