Smoke Shop Employees

Smoke Shop Employees

Smoke Shop Employees by Alexandra Solis

And what to look for.

Every smoke shop cannot function with just its owner alone. Bringing in employees will help when there are rushes or the owner cannot be at the shop. But who do you hire? Friends? Family? Random people that apply to the job on Indeed? None of those. Today I am going to teach you how to find yourself the perfect employee.

Family and Friends

For many businesses starting up having family and/or friends work at the business is completely normal. If you’re having trouble at the beginning of your shop career bringing in family and friends is a good place to start. There is already trust between you and your family and friends. But what if one day your cousin starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and starts bringing them to your shop? The next day you see some of your merchandise has gone missing. Turns out your cousin’s “friend” had stolen your merchandise. Family and friends is a good place to start but should not be long term. A few things to take into consideration if you want to hire a family member or friend are these:

  1. Emotions will always be involved. Emotions will always be involved because no one wants to get theirs or others feelings hurt. If you hurt your cousins feelings because you fired them for helping their friend steal from your store, then your cousin will go tell your family that you fired them for no good reason. Next thing you know you’re one employee less and your family is throwing all the blame on you saying how terrible you are. It becomes your fault.

  2. The expectations your friends and family have for you will vary. Your friends and family already know you for you. They know how much you can accomplish and how you can fail. They will start nagging you to do something you don’t want to do because it’s “good for business”. Your family and friend’s expectations will be much higher than a person you don’t know.

  3. Your friends and family will know EVERYTHING about your shop. Let's say Saturday night your family is having a potluck and everyone is invited. You’re going to be about 20 minutes late so you let your mom know. Your mom is currently talking to your aunt whos the biggest talker of the family. Coincidentally your mom is one of your employees. They spend almost 10 minutes talking about your shop. By that time your mom has told your aunt EVERYTHING about your shop. You’re only a few minutes away now. Your aunt goes and talks to your grandma who talks to your uncle who talks to your cousin who talks to your brother and on and on and on. By the time you get to the potluck everyone in your family and some of your friends know anything and everything there is to know about your shop. For a moment you think it’ll be ok since you don’t have to repeat the same story over and over about how your shop is doing. But, here comes grandma giving you “advice” for your shop when really she’s just telling you how to run it.

  4. There will be jealousy. Jealousy does not stop at just family or friends. For example, if by now you have only one employee that is family/friend and three other employees that you’ve hired that aren’t family/friends, then a sense of nepotism. The one employee in this case would be your nicer cousin. The other three employees are just happy to be working in a smoke shop. All four of them work hard, they put in all their efforts, but your nicer cousin goes more the extra mile. Your nicer cousin, at the end of the year, makes more sales than the other three employees. So, since you see your nicer cousin doing such hard work you give your nicer cousin a bonus. But, the other three employees don’t know the hard work your nicer cousin has done. They thought they all did the same amount of effort and work. The other three employees come to the conclusion that the only reason your nicer cousin gets the bonus is because they are your family. They go up to you and tell you that they’re upset that your nicer cousin got the bonus but none of them did it. You try to explain to them that it is because your nicer cousin put in more work than they did and made more sales. The other three employees stay persistent that it is because your nicer cousin is family, so you favor that more. Now you risked those three good employees into quitting because they feel a bias in the work environment.

New Employees

Hiring people that apply via online web sources or just walking into the store are more likely to keep a stable environment. Here is why:

  1. There is little emotion involved. Employees that you hire are going to be under your management. Therefore, you get to set the rules to how things are approached. If one of your employees is having a disagreement with another there will be no family animosity dragging the issue outside of work. Rather you will be able to fix the issue on the spot. The beauty is that if those workers are trying to fix the problem but still aren’t fully on good terms with one another, then the only place they’ll see each other is at work. This gives them time to go home, calm down, and not worry about another family member budding into their personal business.

  2. Simpler expectations. Your hired employees will not expect the world of you. They’ll expect for you to direct them in the right direction. The employees will follow your lead and give help along the way.

  3. Your employees will only know what pertains to them and the shop.They will not go budding their noses into your own personal business. What they will know is any information that applies to their job. They know what their hours are, what product they are selling, the production of the company, and answers to common questions customers will have. Their main priority won't be you, the owner, rather it would be the satisfaction of the customers and what is best for the company.

  4. No jealousy. Since you will have no family bias in the way your employees will see themselves as equal. Then when one of them gets a bonus, instead of it promoting jealousy, it will promote competitiveness. Pushing your employees to want to work harder will create a more enjoyable work environment versus having family nagging at one another.


Simply put having family and close friends work for your shop will create a chaotic work environment. Your aunt will be chit chatting with your mom, next thing you know your being manipulated by your own family. On the contrary, choosing your own employees will give you more authority and leverage when it comes to management. The best part of having employees that aren’t family or friends is that there is a larger amount of privacy. There is no sharing of information with the whole family; things can be kept confidential to the company.

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