Smoke Shop Nightmares: Part 1

Smoke Shop Nightmares: Part 1

Smoke Shop Nightmares: Part 1 by Alexandra Solis

Stories of Shutting Down Smoke Shops

From bad owners to bad smoke shops, no one is left behind. In the series of Smoke Shop Nightmares you will learn about shops shutting down and the nightmare that lead to its devastation.

Much to Learn

Long Beach. While everyone enjoys the beach, a terrible secret lingers in one of its local smoke shops. Rolli’s Smoke Shop, just another smoke shop, you might think. Little did people know there was dirty business going on while no one was looking. Mario Quinonez, owner of Rolli’s Smoke Shop, faced three counts of sales of a controlled substance, according to police. Miguel Angel Medina, Quinonez’s accomplice, was also arrested and was charged with one count of sales of a controlled substance. Rolli’s Smoke Shop was searched by police on August and September of 2017. In May 2017 drug investigators led police to information of Rolli’s Smoke Shop harboring illegal substances and conducting illegal business. After finally obtaining a warrant and searching the business, on August 17 officers found, “varying amounts of marijuana, concentrated cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy pills, xanax pills, and psilocybin mushrooms, in addition to two handguns, a shotgun, and ammunition.” During this first search, police arrested Quinonez and charged him with possession of narcotics for sale. He was held at Long Beach Jail until he posted bail on August 18 for $50,000. The investigation continued. On Septembre 26 the police obtained a second search warrant and once again searched Rolli’s Smoke Shop. According to police, “during the search, two pounds of marijuana and an ounce of cocaine was confiscated”. Quinonez was at the smoke shop when police arrived and was arrested, again. Quinonez was taken to jail and held on a $60,000 bail. Including that his previous accomplice, Medina, was arrested as well. Medina was charged with possession of cocaine for sale and was held on $30,000 bail. Jail records show that Quinonez and Medina made bail, again, and were released the next day.

Author Perspective

As I was reading the story for the first time I laughed a few times. First of all, when you combine the total amount for bail it comes out to $140,000. That is the price of a house or even a brand new car. Second of all, you’d think Quinonez and Medina would’ve learned the first time of their arrest to not sell drugs. But no. They did it a second time. Then they got arrested a SECOND time. Why did Quinonez and Medina sell those drugs? Most likely money or for their own personal gain. It could’ve easily been for a different reason. In the end Quinonez was a perfect example of a terrible smoke shop owner. Not caring at all for the shop, only for himself.

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