Weight Loss and Cannabis

Weight Loss and Cannabis

Weight Loss and Cannabis - By Manda Schoonover

With the legalization of cannabis becoming more common throughout America, people are discovering new and different ways that medical marijuana can benefit everyone. Weight loss and getting fit is something that everyone is trying a little harder to achieve these days, and finding natural and non-toxic products can be difficult.

THCV and cannabinoids that are found in marijuana can help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol, says the new research from GW Pharmaceuticals. They also conducted animal tests and found that a brain chemical similar to THCV and cannabidiols, when manipulated, helps mice stay thin, even if they didn’t exercise or have a low-fat diet. And a 2011 study found that people who smoke pot at least three days a week are less likely to be obese.

The Research

You would think that smoking weed and the munchies go hand-in-hand, so it must lead to weight gain, right? According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine: The research found that people who use marijuana actually tend to have smaller waistlines. For the study, they took 4,657 adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. People who identified themselves as marijuana users had smaller waist circumference measurements. While this doesn’t prove that cannabis helps people manage their weight, they hypothesize that marijuana may have a positive effect on the way our bodies metabolize food.

Those looking to lower their calorie intake should look for strains that are high in THCV, Humulene, or both. Sativa dominant strains are more likely to be filled with THCV than Indicas, but there are also a few strains that can give you more of that sedative effect. Those strains include Tahoe OG and Master Kush. A really good hybrid with high levels of both would be Cherry Pie.


A recent animal study had shown that THCV can actually reduce the weight gain when eating a high-fat diet. Researchers found that obese mice that were fed a high-fat diet, had reduced weight-gain compared to the mice that ate high-fat diets alone.

The same study suggests that taking marijuana orally might be helpful in accessing the weight-loss properties of THCV. It was able to change the gut microbiota of the fat mice, changing it back into a microbiota that resembled the healthy lean mice. The effects didn’t hold for the mice that were not obese. Lean mice did not experience this change. That means that weed can’t be abused by people looking to lose unhealthy amounts of weight.

Unlike diet pills, marijuana doesn't put stress on the heart or have any nasty side effects. A healthy diet and dosage of marijuana can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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