What to Bring to a Trade Show


What to Bring to a Trade Show by Alexandra Solis

You don’t want to be missing anything important.

Since smoking has become more popular in recent years many places have started trade shows. Trade shows are where retailers, wholesalers, and distributors go to show off their products and get buzz about their company. If you’re planning on being part of their exhibits here is a good checklist to keep in mind when packing and getting ready for the show.

Click here to download a Booth Checklist of your own!

Booth Supplies

  1. Signs - placing up signs with your company name and logo will help visitors find you easier and you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from the other booths.

  2. Pamphlets - this can also include any promotional items like flyers, brochures or postcards. They’re a small detail that is easily forgotten.

  3. Business Cards - this will help you in giving your company information to any and all leads found at the trade show. [Business Card Holders (optional) - just in case you don’t want a mess of business cards or if no one is holding on to them, then having a holder would be a good idea.]

  4. Freebies - Have small items that you can afford and come in mass quantities so you can give them away to people who stop by your booth. Keep in mind you might want to buy a container for the products you are giving away.

  5. Container for Other’s Business Cards - Many other companies are going to be at the trade show. Those other companies might want to do business with you and will want to leave you with their business card. It will look very prepared if you have a small container where you can organize and keep the business cards.

  6. Name Tags - Having name tags for the employees at the booth will help create a more personal setting for the viewers.

  7. Table Accessories - this can include a table cloth, small decorations, and any other designs you might want to place on or around your booth.

  8. Media - If you are doing a presentation it is good to be prepared with a powerpoint or an informative video.

  9. Sign In Sheet - if someone is interested in your company and wants to stay updated, a sign in sheet will help keep track of those people.

  10. Products - Bring a select amount of your best products to give the visitors a small taste of how your company is.

Technological Supplies

  1. Computer or tablet
  2. Chargers - you don't want to risk your technologies to run out of battery.
  3. Cords to connect the computer or tablet to a monitor or large screen
  4. Extension cord - it is always good to bring more than one in case you need extra outlets or length.

General Supplies

  1. Pens and Pencils
  2. Scissors
  3. Markers
  4. Notepad
  5. Tape
  6. Rubber bands
  7. Stapler
  8. Paper clips
  9. Safety pins

Other Supplies

  1. Snacks
  2. Water
  3. Gum or Mints
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. String
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Extra pair of shoes if you are wearing dress shoes or heels and they get uncomfortable


The most important items to bring are the Booth Supplies. When you register to be part of the exhibits of a trade show, many times the show will give you a list of requirements to bring and a list of things you cannot bring. Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements for the show, look back at this list and double check for any other items you would like to take with you.

Click here to download a Booth Checklist of your own!

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