Our Story

Liquid Sci Glass was established in 2010 and grew to be known as an American Made glass pipe company that has served the industry for some time. In early 2017, it was sold with hopes to start something new. Liquid Sci has the aspiration to grow once again and better the community it has surrounded itself in. Still All-American-Made, Liquid Sci Glass is here to give you quality product while working together and making sure that each and every customer is happy. With a new website coming soon, there will also be new series and we will be minimizing our products to provide every customer a simple yet quality experience. A sale is not just a sale, but it is a relationship that can grow and better the cannabis, tobacco, and glass industry. While the slogan has stayed the same, we promise that there will be no gimmicks, but just sickness.

Brand Ambassadors


Goal-oriented boss babe, Marijuana enthusiast, aspiring model, world explorer. Striving for originality, self acceptance, and happiness. I believe there's nothing in the world you're meant to do besides doing what you love. Creative content creator who mixes work with pleasure.. because you can't take life too seriously! Ambitious, go getter, grab life by the horns typa gal


I'm not your typical 'happy-go-lucky' go getter, but one who strives with passion to find happiness in all forms. Weather that may be picking up my paint brush and freeing my mind with every color I can put on a canvas, experiencing higher heights in the beautiful rocky mountains with my love, simply spending time with my two furbabies, or distressing through yoga. The options are endless. Not only do I have passion for the small things and my states natural surrounding, I have passion for the evolving glass and cannabis industries along with the wonderful healing properties that come with.


Big goals, bigger ambitions. Paving my own path in life and the cannabis community while trying to change lives for the better along the way. Consistently tying to spark a happiness in others with my own passion for life and happiness. Content creator, social media influencer, promotional model, cannabis activist and enthusiast trying to leave my mark on the cannabis industry.


I’m an ambitious girl with a lot of goals, trying to spread positive vibes, while making new friends and creating a name for myself at the same time. I’ve lived in Oregon all my life and absolutely love the PNW and all things outside. I love to adventure and see new things. I’m also a huge makeup lover and part time beauty- guru. The main thing I strive for in life is accomplishing my goals, and finding happiness within myself and making other people happy.


26 years old, Product and accessories reviewer, Blogger, Prefers Sativa over Indica, and bubblers over dry pipes, favorite color is seafoam green


It all started with daily Youtube videos of my day to day life as a stoner aka my "Life Being Dest." Currently evolving into its own clothing brand as a daily reminder to Stay Lit, Stay Up, and Stay Positive. My main goal is to spread love not only within the cannabis community but amongst all of the communities including fashion, makeup, and cooking. What better way to express myself and interests than throughout my original content! It is a passion, hobby, and lifestyle. I am exquisitely proud to represent the Liquid Sci-Glass Company.


Uplifting motivated ganjapreneur! Excited to be apart of this ever expanding cannabis industry and anxious for what the future holds. I try to implement my values with everything I represent; respect, knowledge, and kindness. I keep in mind to reflect what I want to bring into this world. Never settle for anything less then what makes you happy and work diligently at it! Don't forget to spread love while doing it all! & STAY LIFTED


I'm from Las Vegas, NV. I work over at a head shop called Cloud Wars and sell glass as well as being a public figure on Instagram promoting all the best cannabis related brands/companies, including Liquid Sci Glass. I'm a hard working, goal orientated, cannabis influencer/advocate/enthusiast that strives to be the best I can be.


Ambitious Cannabis Enthusiast and Ganjaprenuer paving her way into the cannabis industry! Cannabis promoter, and manager at a medical cannabis delivery in northern Sacramento California. Doing what I love to do and what I do best!


Hey my name is Kristina! I’m a 26 year old Marijuana enthusiast from Humboldt County California! Im a grower and a smoker. I love going on weed ventures they are truly the best way to enjoy nature and relax! I like to Live life to the fullest Laugh as much as I can and Love unconditionally. Want to know more just ask!

Our Glass blowers

Javier and Alex

Javier and Alex has partnered with Liquid Sci Glass to established a glass blowing team in a beautiful town called Old Town Temecula. Javier personally has over 37 years of professional glass blowing experience and is a direct descendant from his family with over 65 years of glass blowing experience in the United States. All glass blowers go through a very high quality control process which is supervised by Javier after every piece is made. Their team is dedicated in making you the finest quality glass blown pieces with unique and original designs. "Not the same old sh!t"



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